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Não existe o “dar”, “ajudar”, “depender” e sim o PARTICPAR. Mas participar de que?”

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Eu, um prostituto?

o sistema atual vem dopando nossos jovens com mentiras, alienação e egoísmo.

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Como o jovem pode transformar o Brasil?

Ser burguês ou um estudante disposto a lutar?

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Santo ou Profano?

Estudar é secular ou sagrado?

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Uma Noite de Terror/ Tragédia do dia 12 de Janeiro de 2011

Era 12 de janeiro às 02:00h quando uma grande chuva sobreveio...

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Learning to Love

"You have to love people as there is no tomorrow." Renato Russo.

I believe that most Brazilians have heard that phrase or sang, sung by lead singer Keith Urban I want to emphasize something that has been a great pleasure to know.These last months has been remarkable in my life, the significant number of people, friends who had the pleasure to share ideas, men and women, children who teach me every day the importance of love without borders. In addition to prejudice, often above logic. Focusing only on what unites us: the gift of loving.

How do I manifest my love for someone? Since ancient times human beings is discovering that unity, cooperation, justice and love, has become essential to their survival to the present day, leading thinkers, philosophers, there are increasing their time in search of that feeling that overflows all and any question about it.

During the current time has stood many men manifesting his mercy, forgiveness, living true justice, which is no longer the great and full manifestation of this feeling that [is love. He is pure, kind, patient, loving, pleasant, there is no prejudice or manipulation, only the sweet and simple fullness. As we give ourselves to him, we get closer to our true identity, after all this is the biggest reason we exist.

What must we do to change this situation in our country?

How about starting to accept that love is our great mission as human beings. How about looking at it as a gift from the Almighty to teach us what is truly necessary for our survival. Many run from one side to another, killing in the name of justice, civilian deaths, trace of blood on the history, reasons leading banal dreams, stories, lives, all in the name of pride and greed.

Where is the love?

I will create a short story for the better understanding of the article.

Legend has it that one morning a man came out with some seeds to plant in his hand as he had all day, only that day, God appeared to him and said, son, I'll give you three seeds: power, knowledge and love. The man took the seeds and as usual began its work, planting each seed in its place. At the end of the day God asked the meaning of the seeds, then replied: Son, all that man plant is born, grows and dies.

Power has germinated in the hearts of people generating hatred, division, pain, greed, violence, war and death. Where is the winner in a war where the blood of children and women decorate the floor? I know that there are losers in a war, but who's the winner?

The second seed is knowledge, coming from me and distorted by evil desires, the same use to excel over others, trample, kill, create disease in labs, destroy nature in search of that seed. If we are so wise that led us to such collective ignorance? What makes us think that is destroying the next rejoicing?

The third and rarest of all seeds is love, just to think, grow, live. Who allows it to grow in the heart is capable of seeing the world through my eyes. Look at history and see men and women who discovered that seed. Our unique calling is to love, regardless of whether it is matched or not. Let it grow within you.

In the name of love, we forgive, serve, respect, thank God every morning by the sun, rain, and the gift of life, facing so that tomorrow will always be an opportunity to perfect ourselves in love. Without it there is no life, only death.

The Greatest of all the commandments is LOVE.

Thank you Friends from all over Brazil for their care to accompany us on this journey and especially to you the reader to be the reason why I write this article. What this message does not just stay in their lips, but manages change and development as they go.

Embrace Elmadson.

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